Rania Masri

Director in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Born in Lebanon and raised between Saudi Arabia & Canada, Rania Masri began her career in Montréal at the early age of 16, working on the retail floor and volunteering during fashion weeks. After completing her luxury fashion Marketing studies, Rania worked with the leading concept store in Downtown Montreal.

Rania decided to move to Dubai in 2002 for the opportunity to lead the development of one of the Inditex brands, Bershka, Zara's younger sister. During these days, Rania got to travel extensively to both Spain and across the ME region. The fast pace of the Spanish company and the appetite for the new of the Dubai Market, were a marriage made in heaven! During her time with Bershka, Rania got to practice her Spanish, travel to Barcelona many times a year, and get to know the Middle East region more profoundly

Rania loved working with so many different cultures and was slowly making Dubai her home, a place so vibrant that there was no time to waste!

In 2006, Rania met her soulmate. A young lawyer working in the corporate world. They flew to Montreal to celebrate their union with friends and family during Montreal's formula one weekend, a favorite of Rania's!

Rania went on to join Chalhoub Group the same year, to head the Ralph Lauren Middle East operation.

Ralph Lauren was a school for lifestyle retailing, attention to detail and the aspirational retail luxury best in class. Through her base in retail and her newfound expertise in the fast chain high street operation, She was instrumental in elevating the strategy of the brand within the region as well as leading its ambitious expansion across 10 countries. She was often seen going back and forth between the ME region, Milan and New York.

In 2012 Rania’s new mission with the group was to lead the company’s first ever owned fashion concept, Level Shoes, a now globally recognized retail concept dedicated to the world of footwear. The 96,000 square-foot store offers a curated space divided into 40 designer boutiques and five multibrand areas, with over 250 international and regional designer brands.

Rania is an extensive traveler, speaks four languages and is passionate about the fashion retail scene that she has devoted the past 15 years to in Dubai.

Rania is a mother of 2 girls, Ayah and Lulwa. She is a mentour for women in the workplace, a topic very dear to her heart! In 2017, she was named by the Khaleej Times as one of the 10 women who impress.